Why do we exist?

The Province’s Mission is to further the work of and deepen relationships throughout the seven Episcopal dioceses in New England. The Province accomplishes this by coordinating the interdependent ministries of the seven dioceses in a spirit of mutual responsibility.

We operate with canonical responsibility delegated to us by the  General Convention of the Episcopal Church and through the financial support of our seven constituent dioceses.

We share wisdom.

The province uses web conferencing extensively to enable people across New England to identify what is happening in each of our contexts and discern whether or not and how we can collaborate.

By pooling ministry ideas, resources, and relationships across New England, the ministry of all baptized Episcopalians, lay and clergy, is enhanced. 

We invite new possibilities.

Our ministries, parishes, and dioceses are strengthened by collaboration. Most of our work is done by ministry networks (groups of Episcopalians in two or more dioceses of New England engaged in shared mission) or by collaborations of staff from multiple dioceses. We uphold that work with communications and administrative support as well as through our grants.

We have Ordinances (Canons)!

We govern our work together through our Provincial Ordinances, which set how the Provincial Conference is composed and meets, the status of our Executive Committee, and how we respond to our mandates from General Convention. Periodically, we review our ways of being together to refresh and realign with God’s mission. The latest version of these canons is available here.